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What is a ReVera Partner?

We have a growing number of carefully screened professional partners around the country. This informal network of producers and advisors leverage their expertise, knowledge and contacts through relationships that make them more valuable to clients. Our partners promote ReVera solutions and we promote theirs.

Why Partner With Us?

ReVera can deliver the same customized designs and solutions to your clients as we offer our own.


We work with financial advisors, accountants, attorneys, benefits specialists and insurance professionals to help them solve clients’ most complex problems. ReVera can augment your services or just offer advice, participate in client conversations or stay in the background—it’s your choice.

We are an ally, not a competitor.

"I met Rick and his team several years ago when looking for help dealing with a difficult situation facing a long-time client. I have been nothing short of impressed with ReVera's level of professionalism, productivity and can-do attitude. We have been working with ReVera ever since, and we don't see that ending any time soon. As a matter of fact, we refer ReVera to our friends and colleagues in the market. Bottom line is that they make us more effective in front of our clients and, in doing so, more productive."

-- R.E. (Ray) Gardner, President & CEO, Aarow Financial Group, Inc., Wilmington, NC

For instance, if you sell health insurance to businesses, we can help you add more services to your offerings such as:


Tax-advantaged structures to fund buy-sell agreements

Designs to motivate key people

Creative risk management solutions (including private insurance companies)

Non-financed premium financing of life insurance

And much more.

Our aim is simple: to strengthen your firm's  relationship with your clients.

“I worked with Richard Heffern on a number of matters over the last four years, primarily on issues of estate planning, business succession and asset protection. In every instance, Richard is prepared and professional. He offers both experience and creativity that results in added value to the client. We consider Richard to be an important resource to our practice and always look forward to his involvement in a case.”

--David E. Price, Esq., Principal, Price & Associates, IN, KY, IL & NC

And once we learn about your services, we can bring you in

to help our clients or possibly send new business your way.

Find out how our concierge services have helped our partners to incrementally or exponentially increase their incomes.

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