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What happens if...

  • I or my business partner die?

  • I become unable to work?

  • My partner can no longer work?

How can I...

  • procure more capital?

  • insure key people?

  • fund a buy-sell agreement?

What can I do to...

  • attract and retain the best talent?

  • mitigate employee benefits costs?

  • decrease taxes and generate wealth?

“For over 18 years, Rick worked personally with several Donley’s partners to develop executive benefit packages that are unique to each of our goals. He clearly understands corporate compensation and individual needs, listens attentively, offers creative ideas, and stays in touch. It’s been a pleasure to work with him.”

--Patrick J. Powers, Treasurer and CFO, Donley's, Cleveland, OH

The challenges of launching, building and running a business are incredibly varied and always changing. 


And, if you’re an owner of a closely held business, you face distinct challenges:

How do you balance your own needs with those of the business, your partners, and everyone else you’ve made commitments to?

How can you ensure you meet your responsibilities while others meet their obligations to you?

How can you research the myriad products and strategies available to protect your company’s future when running your business takes all your time?

Having the forethought to plan for contingencies while working with a savvy advisor to help you learn all your options, can keep your business thriving for generations while others fail.  


At ReVera, we know firsthand about the variety of challenges and concerns faced by business leaders from sole proprietors to CEO’s.


Are you going through the growing pains of founding, growing and selling a start-up or running an established closely held business? We’ve done it ourselves. We’ve also helped lots of entrepreneurs to:

Protect themselves and their families with life and disability insurance;

Protect their business with buy-sell agreements between partners and key person insurance, and

Leverage illiquid assets to access capital for insurance policies and other business or personal needs.


Do you need help with executive compensation and benefits? We’ve designed executive compensation packages for closely-held family businesses and large corporations, helping hard-working business owners and executives to:

Attract, incentivize and retain the best talent;

Lower taxes, and

Start to build real wealth for their families and themselves.


Do you need assistance with mitigating benefits costs? We’ve worked in and with companies and public entities with billions in assets to lower benefits costs through an array of little-known but completely legal strategies.

ReVera designs custom solutions for all these challenges. Our products can fund those solutions. Let us help you ensure that your family will be rewarded for all your hard work and that your business will thrive for generations to come.


Contact us at richard @ to schedule a conversation to discuss your challenges and goals now and for the decades ahead.



Are you a financial advisor, insurance agent or attorney seeking expert advice to help your clients and augment your business?  Learn how ReVera Partners can help.

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