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What if...

  • I die?

  • I can't work?

  • I live?

How do I protect...

  • my family?

  • my business partners?

  • my future?

What if I want to...

  • buy a house?

  • fund my child or grandchild's education?

  • retire early?

“Rick has helped us resolve several complex issues related to life insurance policies for ourselves and other family members over the past few years. It is so refreshing to work with a professional who calls us right back, instantly knows the details of what we’re talking about, and has the expertise to get a complicated job done right.”

--Christine & Howard Johnston, Indianapolis, IN

We all want the best possible future for ourselves and our loved ones.


It takes foresight to recognize that an accident, illness, job or business loss might prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams.


By working with an advisor to obtain insurance and plan your future, you make a promise to your family and yourself that—no matter what life delivers—I will take care of you.


At ReVera Partners, we feel honored to help individuals with foresight take care of their families, their businesses and themselves. Out of thousands of choices, we work with only the most highly rated companies to provide you with products tailored to your goals, budget and needs.

If you are just starting on your own, we can offer advice and help you design a plan to build on.


If you have a partner or are beginning or providing for a family, we can offer an array of tools to protect them:


If you become disabled, disability insurance can secure your income. The Social Security Administration estimates that the average 20-year-old worker faces a 3 in 10 chance of being disabled at some point before age 65.


If you die, life insurance can provide liquidity and security to help your loved ones cover taxes, death expenses, monthly bills or college education. Some policies can help with capital creation and lowering taxes.


If you live, the cash value of certain types of life insurance can provide funds needed for college education, early retirement, gifts to children or grandchildren or funding a legacy for your favorite charity.


As you and your family mature, long-term care insurance can help provide funds so you won’t have to sell or liquidate assets to pay for nursing care, hospice, and other assistance. These costs are significant and can devastate a family and its savings.


Whatever your stage of life, ReVera’s three-step process of careful listening, designing and implementing enables us to craft solutions specific to you and your circumstances.


Whether your needs are simple or complex, we work with you to keep your promises to the people you care about.


Contact us at richard @ to schedule a conversation to discuss your challenges and goals now and for the decades ahead.


Learn more about how ReVera can assist your business or favorite charity:

Are you a financial advisor, insurance agent or attorney seeking expert advice to help your clients and augment your business?  Learn how ReVera Partners can help.

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