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I'd like to...

  • leave a legacy to my favorite charity.

I need to..

  • increase planned giving and grow our endowment.

How can I..

  • lower my organization's benefit obligations?

Even though your organization was created to fulfill a mission—not make a profit—you still need to sustain or build income and contain costs in order to carry on your important work.


Tax laws and financial tools are always changing.


You can help your organization thrive by choosing savvy advisors who know how to help you implement the most cutting edge strategies to increase donations and lower costs.

If You are a Charitable Organization or Donor…


ReVera Partners has worked with numerous executive and development directors, board members and volunteers to increase legacy creation and planned giving for a wide array of charities.


We are one of the few companies with the expertise to help you or your donors obtain premium financing for life insurance. This powerful tool can help you or your donors create a far more substantial, tax-protected legacy that will benefit an organization for decades to come.


If You are a Public Institution or Government Entity…


ReVera can help public entities alleviate the stress on their balance sheets through assisting with benefit-obligation financing. Let us help you analyze and mitigate long-term benefit costs.


Whatever your circumstances, ReVera’s three-step process of careful listening, designing and implementing enables us to create solutions specific to you and your organization.



Contact us at richard @ to schedule a conversation to discuss your challenges and goals and/or to learn more about our services.

Learn more about how ReVera can help you with your particular needs:

Are you a financial advisor, insurance agent or attorney seeking expert advice to help your clients and augment your business?  Learn how ReVera Partners can help.

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